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As technology leader, Steinemann offers you real value thanks to its ongoing R&D projects. Today, we’re writing to let you know about our latest developments in the fields of process integration and automation. We’ll also be showing you how Steinemann drum system increase process reliability – and how we do this. Last but not least, you’ll also find out more about how you can boost your employees’ operator skills with webinars tailor-made to their needs.

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BQC – the process control system for a fully integrated, automated sanding process

The BQC process control system offers a modular approach to performance. Three coordinated automation packages let you achieve tailor-made automation and the full integration of the sanding process into your overall production line. The Board Quality Cockpit (BQC) is available for satos TSQ and the installed base of satos sanders.

BQC automation packages:

Starter package for the monitoring and control of process and panel quality. Automatic machine pre-setting with job and production management.

Automation of the calibration process. Systems controls and regulates the required panel thickness and parallelism automatically.

Automation of the fine sanding process. Systems controls and regulates the required panel surface quality.

Deploying all packages reduces ROI to less than 3 years.

Want to know more? Please contact us directly or visit our website.

Achieve optimum surface results with drum systems from Steinemann

The drum system is the most important machine part for ensuring constant, optimum panel quality. Even the smallest oscillations or deviations in radial runout accuracy, cylindricity or balance can worsen surface quality.

As well as ensuring drums are manufactured to tight tolerances, uniform quality is only assured by the interplay of the entire drum system to virtually exclude all vibration while minimizing wear. We have thoroughly mastered this extremely complex composite system and know how the sanding result can be positively affected by high-precision drum systems.

Alongside 24 months of guaranteed process reliability, read our brochure to discover the other features that make our drum systems truly unique.

Webinars to boost operator expertise

Our series of webinars offers you a great opportunity to improve specific aspects of your employees’ technical skills, both on the sanding line and the machine itself. Complementing our tried-and-tested training courses, individual topics can also be looked at in greater detail. We’d be happy to talk to you about putting together your own, personal webinar.

Target audience:
  • Machine operators and sanding line personnel
Webinar goal:
  • Improving technical sanding process skills
  • Improved knowledge of how sanding machines and abrasives work together in an efficient production process
  • Being able to understand and apply sanding process product features and quality parameters
  • Sanding faults – their causes and solutions
  • Knowledge sharing with colleagues and Steinemann experts
  • Four 60-minute sessions
  • Presentation: 40 min/Q&A session: 20 min
  • Split over 4 days, one session/day
  • Platform: MS Teams videoconference 
Interested and would like further details? Please talk to your local Steinemann contact.

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